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Cradle to Cradle: Prioritising circular product design

UKRI’s Circular Economy Centre for Construction Materials

17 February

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This brief lunchtime seminar, hosted by ICEC-MCM (interdisciplinary circular economy centre for mineral based construction minerals), will introduce the Cradle to Cradle principles, and the certification bringing the spiral of prosperity to product design through construction and beyond.

Cradle to Cradle principles surround the idea that everything should become a resource for something else. These principles epitomise the circular economy through ideas of regeneration and cycles of materials by:

  • Eliminating the concept of waste
  • Relying on natural energy flows
  • Celebrating diversity

The C2C product standard provides a framework for continually improving what products are made of and how they are made. They also introduce practical reassurances about circularity that can be applied to materials for measurable success.


Chaline and Paul from 540 World will lead around 15 minutes of discussion, followed by questions posed from the audience and Julia Stegemann, ICEC-MCM Director and Environmental Engineering Professor at UCL.

Chaline Church – Founding Partner

Chaline Church is an interior architect, designer and brand specialist. Chaline studied MA Interior Architecture and BA Fine Arts, and spearheaded hundreds of world-first products from design to marketing across 22 countries. Previous co-founder of recognised health clinics, she is now based in London championing future-proofing brands and businesses through material revolution to safe, then circular design.

Paul Capel – Founding Partner

Paul is Director of Cradle to Cradle marketplace, a marketplace using the sale of C2C goods as the engine of change. He studied MSc Architecture, with focus on the Hannover and Holmgren Principles for sustainable design, he is a great advocate for C2C within his own home, a London-based global pioneer.


The Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials is a four-year funded project by UKRI and EPSRC as part of the NICER Programme for a Circular Economy. The ICEC-MCM is a joint initiative between UCL, the University of Leeds, Loughborough University, Imperial College London, Lancaster University, the University of Sheffield and BGS and more than 40 industry partners across the construction industry.

The ICEC-MCM research aims to provide national and global leadership as well as capacity for transformative change to circular processes and practices over the whole construction mineral value chain. The centre will explore how better design and manufacturing of products and structures made from mineral materials (such as aggregates, cement and brick) can help the UK’s construction industry to do more with less, reduce waste and lower costs.

Published: February 2nd, 2022
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