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Digital tools for agile waste segregation

Waste generation in the TFI sector is a common problem, however, an even larger problem is identifying, screening and segregating that waste. At times, the waste can involve complex chemical implications or can also have handling difficulties (high temperature, sharp edges, unknown material). The problem in itself has larger implications spanning from the nuclear sector to the Municipal solid waste sector. For example, according to the World Bank’s What a Waste 2.0 report, the world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of Solid Waste (MSW) annually with at least 33% of that not managed in an environmentally safe manner. 

This project will develop a new digital tool built on the footings of advanced Terahertz sensing which can be used in the TFI sector for a wide range of waste inspection and segregation activities. Equipped with powerful onboard computers, Collaborative Robots (COBOTS) are interoperable and easily able to join the Internet of Things (IoT) in any factory environment. Their integration to deal with the problem of solid waste presents an opportunity for “digitalization in the TFI sector” built on the footings of advanced photonics which is the core problem being addressed in this proposal. The development of advanced sensing tools and technologies are required to identify hazardous chemicals, deal with chemical reactive wastes, and segregate those waste matters in a safe way to fulfill the COSHH liabilities. 

Dinh Nguyen

London South Bank University

Published: September 23rd, 2022
Posted in projects

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