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Enabling business models innovation for sustainability in the UK glass sector

A deep understanding of policy interventions and combination of these interventions for business model innovation in the flat glass sector can bring several technical, environmental, economic, and societal benefits. Specifically, it will (i) provide insights into policy interventions/mix and thereby facilitate making timely future policy decisions to respond to suitability targets; (ii) significantly reduce the amount of disposed waste glass materials and their negative impact on the environment; (iii) propose innovative business models for the circular economy and improve profitability of relevant companies; and thus (iv) increase industrial productivity and resilience on their path towards a more sustainable future. The outputs of the project will help the foundation industries develop strategies in material recycling for long-term sustainability, managing material processing, and providing cost-saving solutions. This aligns with the UK’s Industrial Strategy and is vital to the national economy and quality of life.

Dr. Luis Torres

Nottingham University

Published: March 8th, 2023
Posted in projects

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