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Green Steel: The Role of Scrap

Hosted by Sustain Steel

Friday 24th September

How can we maximise scrap utilisation for a greener UK steel industry?

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The UK steel industry, as a part of the UK economy, is on the journey towards 2050 net zero emissions. The UK government in the recently published Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy considers that the iron and steel sector will be largely decarbonized by 2035. Despite this commitment, the roadmap to how this will be achieved is not defined yet. There is an abundant supply of domestic scrap in the UK of more than 11 Mt per year, although 80% of this is currently exported; this is a unique resource for a sustainable UK steel industry. The transition to a scrap-based steel industry, or at least maximising scrap utilisation in steel production, could be a practical pathway to a greener, sustainable UK steel industry. Significant efforts from the UK steel community (steelmaker, academics, RTOs, recyclers, trade organizations and policy makers) have been made to address the challenges to increase scrap utilisation in the UK steel production.

The Advanced Steel Research Centre (ASRC), Supply Chain Research Group (SCRG) and Data Science Group, in WMG at the University of Warwick have been collaborating with various stakeholders and focusing on research in the following aspects:
1. State-of-the-art analysis on the UK steel scrap supply and utilisation
2. Current scrap supply chain practice and circular scrap supply chain design
3. Technology development to improve scrap quality, remove impurities and increase residual tolerance in steel
4. Identifying opportunities, challenges and strategy recommendations for increased scrap utilisation

This Webinar will provide a great opportunity to hear some of the research findings, but also to share views with the wider community for shaping future relevant research and thinking to support a greener UK steel industry. The full agenda will be circulated shortly. Source::

Published: August 25th, 2021
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