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Metals Expo September 2023

Attending the UK Metals Expo 2023 was a fantastic experience, there was a real vibrant and diverse range if people in attendance. Over the two day event, the SUSTAIN team spoke to academics, industrialists, and representatives from across the supply chain.

On day one, Prof. Cameron Pleydell-Pearce spoke on a panel session on the topic of decarbonisation of the steel industry and the options for the UK. On day two, Dr Richard Curry spoke on a panel “When it comes to sustainable metals we need both eyes open” which considered the key factors to enable a sustainable metal manufacturing future. There was lots of interest in both sessions from businesses who need to decarbonise, but also a lot of engagement from the finance sector, traders and most importantly the customers of the steel sector.

There was a really broad spectrum of interest from the visitors regarding the ongoing work in SUSTAIN Hub, and the steps UK steel industry is taking to decarbonise.

Published: September 28th, 2023
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