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Net Zero takes centre stage at recent Frontiers Forum 2021

Held on 29th September, Frontiers Forum 2021 brought together leading figures in science, policy, business and civil service to discuss solutions to the major problems facing world sustainability.

Professor Paul Bingham, Professor of glass and ceramics at Sheffield Hallam University, was chosen to present a question to former Vice President Al Gore. Here, Paul discusses the response to his question ‘How can academics and Universities do more to educate about the challenges and the potential solutions that can help us to decarbonise?’

“On Wednesday 29th September I attended the Zoom event, Frontiers Forum 2021, with the keynote speech from Former Vice President Al Gore, “The Case for Climate Optimism”, with additional presentations from Kurt Vandenberghe, the EU Green Deal Advisor and other globally eminent speakers. Former Vice President Gore gave an excellent presentation and I was very pleased to be one of only 20-30 people from around 5000 attendees invited to join the Q&A Panel. There was only sufficient time for 2 questions, so I was truly delighted to be invited to ask the final question of the event of Former Vice President Gore, “How can academics and Universities do more to educate about the challenges and the potential solutions that can help us to decarbonise?” I greatly appreciated his response, in which he advised me to do what I can in my personal life and, with my home country (UK) shortly to host COP26, to vote and to advocate as strongly as I can in favour of measures to combat global emissions.

My research and knowledge transfer activities, and those of the TFI Network+, are focussed on exactly these issues – working closely with the Foundation Industries to help them find ways to decarbonise and reduce energy and resource demand. It won’t be easy but we believe we have the right teams and tools to really make a difference.

On a personal note I truly thrilled to be given this opportunity to speak to FVP Al Gore, who has been a source of great inspiration to me for many years.”

Professor Paul A. Bingham has over 20 years’ experience in his field and has a strong international research group working primarily in glasses, ceramics, energy and waste management. Paul is an active member of the Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ and is a member of the Network’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Published: October 5th, 2021
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