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Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ is committed to embedding and supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across the Network and Foundation Industries sectors. 

The Foundation Industries consists of the glass, cement, ceramics, metals, paper and bulk chemicals sectors. In order to meet UK targets of Net Zero by 2050, Foundation Industries are facing increased pressure to innovate, boost sustainability and support industry regeneration. Recent studies highlight recruitment processes, number of applicants, economic challenges and engagement with higher education and STEM activities as contributing factors to EDI implementation in the sectors. 

Our goals

In tandem with the publication of Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge EDI study and strategy, the Network+ has committed to supporting EDI and its implementation across Network activities and within Foundation Industries. The Network will undertake the following actions that mirror wider strategic initiatives supported Innovate UK:

  • Encouraging talent
  • Developing skillsets and highlight successes
  • Tackling culture
  • Ensuring inclusive challenge activities 

The Network will implement the following actions in support of the above themes:

Encouraging talent 

  • Utilise Network communication channels to highlight opportunities for industry to get involved in recruiting and reaching talent including networking events, apprenticeship schemes and other opportunities 
  • Advertise PhD opportunities within Foundation Industry areas on the TFI Network+ webpages
  • Provide feedback support for early career researchers who are not successful in gaining Network funding for a call, helping to shape future proposals. 
  • Promote ‘National Apprentice Week’ in February each year, utilising Network channels to celebrate apprentices, highlight benefits of apprenticeships for industry and individual and promote apprenticeship opportunities
  • Connect with relevant external organisations to share best practice, opportunities and resources
  • Create a dedicated EDI webpage within TFI Network+ with resources for supporting EDI within the Foundation Industries 

Developing skillset and highlighting successes

  • Run campaigns for relevant national days of celebration (International Womens Day, Pride Month, Women in Engineering Day) showcasing careers, opportunities and support networks
  • Share events, articles, resources, training opportunities and other features from across relevant organisations
  • Share information on mentoring groups and peer groups of interest to the Foundation Industries

Tackle culture 

  • Disseminate findings from workshops and studies to TFI Network+ audience through our website and communication channels to influence best practice
  • Adapt Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge EDI strategy and studies for social media posts and newsletter features
  • Ensure transparency in aligning TFI Network+ activities with Innovate UK TFI Challenge strategy, highlighting how our own activities meet the themes
  • Provide opportunities for networking between sectors, industry and academia to share ideas, career paths and form mutually beneficial connections

Ensure inclusive challenge activities 

  • Ensure a diverse panel of representatives across TFI Network+ advisory and management boards
  • Implement EDI within Network activities, ensuring a diverse range of speakers and panel members and ensure inclusive opportunities for discussion including open discussion, chat functions in virtual settings and polls
  • Ensure inclusive imagery and language in showcasing research from the Network
  • Use TFI Network+ milestones to celebrate EDI activities and achievements including Network anniversaries and recaps


The Network considers the audience to be:

  • Foundation Industry sector confederations and associations
  • Foundation Industries companies and employers
  • Academics
  • Early career researchers
  • Key partner associations

Metrics and measuring success 

The Network will measure the success of our EDI strategy using the following metrics:

  • Engagement with resources and webpages
  • Views and reposts of social media campaigns
  • Attendance to events and feedback
  • Visual representation across TFI Network+ imagery 
  • Membership and audience analysis

For questions relating to EDI and the Network, please contact

We are always looking to improve the service we provide to all sectors within the Foundation Industries. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on anything within our Network, including our website, content, user experience and more. Feedback can be sent anonymously through our form, or emailed to us directly.

TFI Network+ is committed to supporting, embedding and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion across the network.

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