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SANDTHERM: Deployment of a novel medium-high temperature waste heat recovery unit based on foundry sands

The aim of this project is to demonstrate an efficient waste heat capture, storage and reuse technology based on waste foundry sand, a currently disregarded waste from the casting industry with increasing maintenance cost due to rises in landfill taxes. Previous research has uncovered the potential use of such sand as a raw material of building blocks for medium-high temperature thermal energy storage. This will be expanded by fabricating these building blocks on a larger scale and developing a system to accommodate them. The device will be operated using industrial settings and monitored to optimize performance. If successful, this technology could be applied to other settings in waste heat such as chemical, pulp and paper publishing, ironmaking and steelmaking sectors. 

This project involves collaboration with three industrial partners; Kelvin Thermotech (specialising in thermal energy storage solutions), Boro’ Foundry (specialist manufacturer supplier of castings and machine parts using ferrous and non-ferrous metals), and Mantech Technical Ceramics (manufacturing technology company providing ceramics based solutions to global industries.

Dr Argyrios Anagnostopoulos

University of Birmingham

Dr. Argyrios Anagnostopoulos is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, specializing in Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems with particular emphasis in medium-high temperature latent heat storage using molten salts. He has a bottom to top knowledge of the field ranging from material characterization to system modelling. He is the corresponding author of 9 and co-author of 5 peer-reviewed papers in highly rated journals in the field of energy and waste valorisation., as well as co-author of an RSC Book chapter on TES material modelling. He obtained his PhD in 2020 (University of Birmingham, Chemical Engineering) after graduating from the University of Surrey (MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering). 

Published: February 11th, 2022
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