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Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Conference

9 – 10 March 2022, Brussels, Belgium

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The European Green Deal commits the EU to carbon neutrality by 2050 and policymakers want industry to ‘pave the way’ with a transition towards net zero emissions for a cleaner, healthier future.

Hosting leaders from the worlds of industry, innovation, science, government and investment, Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) in Belgium will provide an opportunity for those at the frontier of cleaner manufacturing to present sustainable solutions to business leaders from across five hard-to-abate sectors.

What makes a SIM event unique?

1. No other manufacturing event is bringing together senior executives from along the supply chain, across FIVE hard-to-abate sectors. These include the cement, steel, aluminium, glass and chemicals industries. See who attends.

2. The cornerstone of every SIM event is a trio of exhibition zones that together, deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing solutions. These zones are titled Energy, Evolve and Environment. Find out more about what products are in each zone.

3. The team behind SIM has been delivering events for the glass, steel and aluminium industries for 40 years. With a global audience of 85,000 manufacturing professionals around the world, we are hugely excited to bring our customers together at SIM Europe. Find out more about Quartz Business Media.

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Published: November 17th, 2021
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