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Valorisation of Metallurgical Wastes through Chemically Bonded Ceramics (VMW-CBC)

Dross from magnesium alloying and paper sludge mills are two major waste streams from the metals and paper sectors. Currently, both wastes are downcycled through hydroxilation reactions or aerobic digestion and disposed of in landfills. Chemically bonded ceramics could offer potential reuse of these waste materials to produce novel fire-resistant products for niche applications.  

This project, in collaboration with Luxfer LTD, a leading developer and producer of magensium and zirconium materials, aims to develop an understanding of bespoke magnesium-rich chemically bonded ceramics from wastes generated from alloying, paper industries. Research will investigate alternative alumino-silicate sources including paper mill sludge and feedstock for chemically bonded ceramics and will identify process factors that influence the composition and performance of sludge to shape involvement in the production chain. Results from the research will allow production lines to tailor their processes to enable maximised value extraction from generated wastes.

Dr Sam Adu-Amankwah

University of Leeds

Published: March 23rd, 2022
Posted in projects

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