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Workshop catch up: Next generation and intelligent processes for the Foundation Industries

This workshop presented and discussed next generation and intelligent processes and their potential impact on the foundation industries. The workshop included novel methods and instrumentation that reduce energy consumption, minimise waste and increase productivity within the Foundation Industries. Our speakers addressed topics including advanced manufacturing, automation, new challenges in data-centric engineering, new methods to acquire and analyse data, use of artificial intelligence and use of digital twins.

Dr Yukun Hu, University College London – ‘ Next generation and intelligent heating processes for the Foundation Industries’

Dr Alessandra Parisio, University of Manchester – ‘Modelling and optimisation-based control of flexible energy resources for sustainable energy systems’

Professor Julie McCann, Imperial College London – ‘Sensors for Sustainability: discussing the advantages and challenges of instrumenting processes to track and save materials’

Professor Ashutosh Tiwari, University of Sheffield – ‘Digitalisation of skill-intensive Manufacturing Processes’

Published: February 10th, 2022
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