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Innovative green process to turn alkali solid wastes into carbon-negative feedstock for the cement industry

Over 2 billion tonnes of diverse alkali solid wastes are generated from Foundation Industries worldwide annually and are primarily disposed of through landfills and stockpiling. The volume of these is expected to double in the next few decades, which has brought significant challenges to the cement and metal industries for reaching Net-Zero targets.

This project will develop an innovative green chemical process to turn these alkali solid wastes into carbon-negative materials which can be used as an alternative feedstock for the production of sustainable cement. The research will focus on optimisation of the process conditions, as well as investigation of the effects of different physical and chemical properties of these novel carbon-negative materials for producing high-strength carbon-neutral cement. The total carbon reduction capacity and sustainability impact of the developed novel process and products will also be assessed and evaluated. This exciting project will be conducted in collaboration with Aggregate Industries/London Concrete and The Materials Processing Institute to seek for sustainable routes to valorise their current solid waste stockpiles.

Dr Xinyuan Ke

University of Bath

Dr Xinyuan Ke, MIMMM, lecturer in sustainable materials for construction at University of Bath, with eight-years of experience working in the field of cement chemistry and solid waste management. Dr Ke obtained her PhD degree in materials science and engineering at University of Sheffield in 2017 (recipient of departmental Ceramic Prize for best PhD thesis) and been awarded the prestigious Prize Fellowship (2018-2021) by the University of Bath.

She is also an active member of RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials), leading several technical committee workgroups (TC-281CCC and TC-TES). Dr Ke currently serves on the advisory board of the InnovateUK/ISCF Transforming Foundation Industries Future Leaders Group, representing the cement sector.

Published: February 11th, 2022
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