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Overcoming Adoption Barriers of Next Generation Processing Technologies in Ceramic/Glass Industries

Next Generation Processing Technologies (NGPTs) can open pathways to double net energy productivity by facilitating novel processing concepts and enabling rapid manufacture of energy-efficient products through greater control, optimisation, and analytics. Through engagement with industry on how the barriers to adoption of these processes can be overcome, this project will contribute to (i) understanding of the extent to which NGPTs are implementable or if more is needed to render them implementable; (ii) understanding of sector-specific problems hindering adoption; (iii) understanding of the impact of pressure points such as costs, legislation, workforce availability, skills development; and (iv) identification of strategic/economic/policy levers to facilitate adoption. The overall project outcome will aid the determination of meaningful technological and policy interventions required for widening the use of NGPTs in the ceramic and glass foundation industries.

Dr. Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed

University of Warwick

Published: March 8th, 2023
Posted in projects

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