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TFIN+ Christmas Conference presentations

Below are PDFs of presentations from 5/6 December that authors have given us permission to publish. They will be updated in due course. Videos presenting some of the projects below are available on our YouTube channel.

Prof. Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge, Transforming the Foundation Industries to have absolutely zero emissions by 2050

Dr. Alessandra Parisio, University of Manchester, Data-driven optimisation framework for assessing energy and emission saving potentials in foundation industries

Prof. Jon Willmott, University of Sheffield, Introducing high-temperature hyperspectral electronics to the foundation industries 

Dr. Michal Drewniok, University of Leeds, Element-based mapping of waste and by-product material flows for industrial symbiosis

Dr. Alastair Sanderson (Unilever), The foundations of the post 2050 chemicals industry

Dr. Aled Roberts, University of Manchester, Developing biocomposite materials as low-carbon alternatives to ceramic tiles

Dr. Ronak Janani, Sheffield Hallam University, High temperature optical fibre coatings for next generation gas emission monitoring

Dr. Matthew Hobbs, The University of Sheffield, Accurate emissivity characterisation of metals from near infrared (NIR) to long wave infrared (LWIR), 

Dr. Amal Hajjaj, Loughborough University, Micromachined based multi-Sensing solution toward digitalisation of Foundation Industries

Dr. Lorraine Ferris, Henry Royce Institute: Decarbonisation: How to do everything, everywhere, all at once.

Prof. Rachel van Duyvenbode (University of Sheffield) & Prof. Amanda Crawley Jackson (University of Arts London)-  Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Future proofing the workforce  

Prof. Jennifer Tomlinson, Prof. Vera Trappmann and Dr. Jack Daly, University of Leeds, Can workforce diversity stimulate transformation towards a more sustainable future? 

Lord Rupert Redesdale, The politics of carbon and the risks and opportunities to the Foundation Industries

Dr. Rebecca Pieniazek, University of Leeds, A Novel Managerial Toolkit for Deciding Company-Specific Corporate Environmental Sustainability Solutions

Dr. Maria Karafyllia and Dr. Jinmin Wang, Nottingham University, Circular business model innovation in the UK cement, glass, and ceramics industries

Dr. Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed, Warwick University, Overcoming adoption barriers of next generation processing technologies in ceramic/glass industries

Dr. IƱaki Esnaola, University of Sheffield, Sustainable advanced manufacturing via ML-assisted exploitation of sensing and data infrastructure

Published: December 8th, 2023
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